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п»їHow to face the summer as a couple: 9 tips to avoid arguments
It is possible to survive the summer without ever having argued with your partner. What's the trick? We tell you!

It is said that in summer it is when there are more couple breakups and that after the holidays the demands for separations and divorces increase. This fact is true. Spending more time with the couple, especially when the relationship does not live its best moments, is a test of fire. In the voragine of daily life and with the routine of each day, we do not stop to think what happens between us, and it is at this moment when it really coexists. And it is also not necessary that the relationship is going through a low moment for more conflicts to arise in holiday periods, simply the greater coexistence can cause issues and situations to appear that do not usually occur in daily life. To avoid conflicts, whether or not we have problems of couple, we must take into account a series of recommendations.
1. The destiny always consesuado
If you go on vacation you may like the beach, another mountain, you want to make a cultural trip, but the other prefers to relax. It is not a problem, in life there are moments for everything, you can take turns in every occasion, in which you can make a break. And you always have to keep in mind, that you decide what you decide, you have to have a positive and relaxed attitude.
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2. No forcing activities It is important not to force the couple to do something they do not want, just as it is not to close ourselves in a band and to refuse categorically to try to prove what the other person wants to do. This has a lot to do with how vital it is for a couple, whether it's vacations or the rest of the year, mutual respect, and putting oneself in someone else's shoes. In the case of one of the two loves to practice an activity, such as some water sport, the other does not like it, because it can be scary or not able, nothing happens, as long as after Do something that you can share and what you both enjoy.
3. Leave some time for yourself. In the holidays you should save moments so that one is only doing those things that he likes to do. This will bring you well-being and you will be happier and with a more relaxed and positive attitude, which will later revert in the time you spend together and the desire you will have to rediscover and share.
4. Distribution of tasks Another source of conflict are domestic tasks, may during the year one or the other, do not give much importance to one of the two have more weight in this issue, but on vacation there is no excuse. The care of the house, of the children, or any other task, is something that concerns the two, each one can choose what he likes or least cares about, always with a positive attitude and collaboration, and without forgetting We are on vacation and nothing happens, if the house is not so perfect and collected, nor the clothes ironed as usual, because we are dedicating ourselves more to enjoy our free time. Flexibility and tolerance are fundamental in this distribution.
5. Do not believe false expectations It's wonderful to dream, but vacation plans have to be as realistic as possible. And it is sure that they create a lot of frustration and a very unpleasant climate when they are not, which later foments the discussions, the reproaches, etc. We must be aware of what we have, what can be done and try to enjoy it.

6. Relax You never forget that being on vacation is a good thing and that you have to enjoy the well-deserved rest. So do not be so strict with schedules, plans, diets, ... encourage a pleasant climate, with space for joy, laughter and especially for love. They are wonderful periods to pay special attention to the carino, who maybe we have a little careless the rest of the year for lack of time.
7. Idea some surprise The details, however small, are always appreciated and create a good atmosphere. It is not a great trip, gifts or material things, but gestures or actions with which you can show your feelings, that cost nothing, that encourage happiness and above all generate very good memories.
8. Do not dramatize before a disagreement. Think coldly if it really matters, surely in most cases not. And above all, if this occurs, think that there should not be anything that bothered you holidays and try to reach a meeting point that allows you to enjoy reconciliation and that much deserved rest.
9. Do more love. Time, tranquility, warmth, long naps ... These are favorable moments to get closer to our partner and strengthen our sexuality. Do not miss these beautiful and propitious opportunities, they will fill you with union, happiness and soften many things.

Content prepared in collaboration with Marisa Navarro, Doctor of Medicine, psychotherapist and author of the book "Emotional medicine" and "The tart effect."
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