Children have good listen skill they will listen each and point what the parent is doing and telling, so be careful you try to speak good things in front of them. So you need to do the them to think about Others Feelings. Discipline is necessary in every household. The main thing discipline is to help kids choose good behaviors and learn self-control. They may test try to teach the how respect elders the limits you establish for them, but they need those limits to grow into responsible adults. Always do good thing infant of the students donating money, and helping other they will learn to do the same. Try to do good think in front of them. Talk very friendly with your children tries to discuss all the matter this will help your children good character .encourage good behavior over the long run than repeated scoldings. If you want your child need to known value and serve others you must do start with the others in their own home. Teach the New Skills. For any essay related doubt you can refer custom essay writing services. Try to prevent behavior problems by catching your child being good. Other main think the students need to do is value of money. It is very important thing all children should known the value of money. If you teach this it will help you develop the good character. If you give plenty of money then they will go with bad ways. Parents need to teach their children. There many things that parents need to teach their children. Honesty is the one important thing .All parents need to teach their children find a way to tell the truth. And teach the children how to behave with elder. Teach good behaviors if your child fights with his siblings often, set up a reward system to motivate him to get along better with them Teach what the meaning of respect .make them to understand what is wrong things they done this is one the main part. Teach children to encourage them to take on a challenge. Try building a helping mentality